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Aristotle said that everything has a telos, everything in life has a purpose. 


My telos:


Day and night, I spend thinking of ideas, moments about love, happiness, existentialism, and all these philosophical terms that make us humans. It is here where I try to convey my message in my work, by editing, writing and directing I can share my eternal perceptions through this beautiful art called cinema. 

Augusto Aguilera is a film director, writer, and producer from Mexico City, and is currently based in Austin Texas. In 2018, he graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, earning a BFA in Film & TV Production.

Augusto has been part of productions in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Russia and Cuba. He has produced music videos for well-known artists, as well as working as a producer, coordinator, and assistant in productions with companies such as Coca-Cola, Topo Chico, Raen, Televisa, Fifa, Femexfut, Univision and Maseca.

Augusto has been part of a production team for the Fifa World Cup and has been present as a Producer and Videographer in Germany 2006, Brazil 2013, Brazil 2014, and Russia 2018 World Cups.


  • For more here is my resume

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